News Flash – Weekend Update

By August 9, 2015Game Updates

Game Update in Progress

Hello Bingo Drive Fans!

Over the weekend we saw several issues within the Rooms and the Launching process. We therefore engaged in some much needed house cleaning on the technical end. Bingo Drive was unavailable since Sunday August 9th 00:30 EST and was back online 2 hours later.

Issues we encountered that we are aware of and are fixing:

  • Various disconnections
  • Rounds that start and end instantly
  • Rooms with erratic behaviours; early Bingo calls, announcer out of sync, etc..

In order to improve your Bingo Drive experience going forward, we wanted to share with you some of our actionable insights:

  • Real Time notifications for Bingo Drive Engineers
  • Implementing in-game notifications to all Players on system maintenance.
  • Reimbursement and compensation system.

Note that that Bingo Drive is still in BETA and only over a month available for the general gaming community. We appreciate all your comments and messages during this phase, please continue to do so. Just to remind you that the first 10,000 players will be eligible for our Early Bird specials.

Daub on!