High Roller Room – Feature Spotlight

By July 23, 2015Feature

Introducing – High Roller Rooms

Release version 0.81 brought forth an important feature that you should know about. The last room on each continent is now a High Roller Room. It is distinguished by the golden frame around the postcard of the room. It cannot be missed when compared to the other rooms in the continent. This High Roller room has several special characteristics:

  • The Buy-in is higher – everything costs more.
  • The Payouts are higher – everything you win, credits, coins, power ups and other bonuses are all increased substantially.
  • Minigames bets and payouts are higher.
  • The Lucky Numbers feature is present only in the High Roller Rooms. You can read more on Lucky Numbers here.

The High Roller Room is your chance to win big before advancing on to the next continent!