Event – Halloween 2015

By October 16, 2015Event

Happy Halloween

Daubers wanted!


Dear daubers,

All Hallow’s Eve will soon be upon us, and the Holiday ghosts haven’t spared Bingo Drive.
The spooky phantoms have started playing tricks and are scattering hidden secrets across the game and the App Page, and we need YOUR help in finding them!

Starting this coming Sunday, and leading up to October 31st, Bingo Drive will steadily become engulfed in the spirit of Halloween, manifested in the form of visual changes (or tricks) to the game and App Page. Only the most brave and perceptive players, who will be able to spot and point out these changes, will be eligible to reap the ghostly rewards that this mysterious Holiday has in store! Trust us when we say, we have stocked up on a lot of treats for you!

The rules are simple: Every few days, we will post a Halloween Alert on Facebook, and players who find ALL the NEW tricks and list them in a comment to that post, before the next Halloween Alert is posted, will enter into a raffle, out of which 20 participants will be picked to win awesome rewards! The winners will be notified via E-mail, as well as on Facebook.

Remember: Tricks can be hidden anywhere in the game and the App Page, and some will be harder to spot than others, so be sure to pay close attention, and also check Facebook and your E-mail inbox frequently, as to not miss out on updates.

To participate, visit the Bingo Drive App Page: here

Happy Holidays!

Creepily yours,
– Peli

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