Game Update – Version 0.80 beta

By July 12, 2015Game Updates

Bingo Drive – Beta

Release Notes version 0.80

Dear Daubers!

We are pleased to announce the release of Bingo Drive Beta (version 0.80). This game update includes unlocking the Wheel of Fortune minigame, allowing for uninterrupted fun while waiting for the next round. A sleek Passport Stats sheet on your profile, allowing you to track your progress and compare with buddies. As well as a Welcome Screen of personalised messages made just for you.

Please note that we are working around the clock to fix any loading and performance bugs that may interrupt you next Bingo Drive experience. Please bare with us and remember that this is a beta release. All players joining while in beta are eligible for our early access package (more on that to come..).

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  • Wheel of Fortune now unlocked
  • Passport Stats
  • Welcome Screen


  • Various stability and performance bug fixes