Game Update – Version 0.86 beta

By December 9, 2015Game Updates

Bingo Drive Beta

Release Notes version 0.86

Happy Holidays Daubers!

Yes, you are reading this right, we skipped a version. Earlier today we released a major update to the game. Following the success of the Halloween Specials, we understood that the Bingo Drive community is hungry for quality fresh content. We hunkered down and go to work. We hope you like the new changes and enjoy this rather large addition to the game this Holiday Season and onwards.

  • New Lobby Design – This is the most visible change and will be the first noticed. The Lobby has been changed to accommodate for the Tours. Some visual changes have also been done to the mini game, gifts and mailbox.
  • New Rooms and Tours – a new Featured Room selector is set in the Lobby on the bottom – besides the World Tour (the “Original” Tour) we have added a Christmas Tour and a New Years Eve room. We will be adding additional tours and rooms going forward, and more frequently. We will be rolling out the new Rooms and tours, stay tuned on the Facebook Page for these announcements.
  • New Collections – Collection per room, you are accustomed to collections by continents (a la “North America”), but now the collections are set per room in the new tours.
  • Pattern Rooms – Notice there are now new advanced patterns that can be called for BINGOs in specific rooms. You can see the patterns that can claim BINGOs during the game and in the intermission. Note that the standard BINGO patterns are not claimable in the Special Pattern rooms.
  • Special Bonus Cards – There are now some special cards that if you are lucky to claim a BINGO on you will get special rewards. The Special Rooms for now are set in the Christmas Tour and are known as Stocking Cards. Once a Special Card BINGO is claimed their reward will show up on the card as well as in the Game Summary (aka “The Street”).
  • Changes to Player Passport – Collection tab changed to tile format to allow for more visibility on the completed Achievements.
  • Various Stability and Performance improvements as well as Bug Fixes in the internals of the game and server.

We worked long and hard on this update and eagerly await your honest opinion on all visual and game play changes. Peli is ready for your feedback and looking forward to seeing you along the Bingo Drive.

Happy Holiday Daubing to everybody! Now go unwrap the Freshest & Best Bingo Game on Facebook!

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