Game Update – Version 0.83 beta

By September 3, 2015Game Updates

Bingo Drive Beta

Release Notes version 0.83

Hey Daubers!

It’s that time again – game update celebrations are in order. While this release may look light, we have been busy engineering the game to support the increase in players. This means a lot of work behind the curtains. One major addition to the game is the Achievements. We expressed this feature here in the blog and also on the official Facebook page. A full list of achievements will be released in the support section and we of course will update and add achievements from time to time.

We also fixed a nasty bug regarding Car Suits – some users had complained that did not record the bonuses they were due. Car suits are a great way to spend your hard earned coins. If we are already on the subject of the Car, we can let you all know that something we are working on and should be ready in the next release is the ability to sell car parts.

Beyond that we are also revamping the Inbox and the Gift Center for the next release. Daily credits/coins are almost ready as well and we have mentioned that in the blog as well. We recommend all players to take the time and follow/friend Bingo Drive around the digital world and not miss a single Free Gift out there.

Peli is ready for your feedback and looking forward to seeing you along the Bingo Drive.

Daub on everybody!

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