Game Update – Version 0.81 beta

By July 22, 2015Game Updates

Bingo Drive Beta

Release Notes version 0.81


Hello Daubers!

We are pleased to announce the release of Bingo Drive Beta (v0.81). This version includes various bug fixes as well as a revamped Intermission screen and much more. The intermission screen has been expanded to include relevant information towards the upcoming round. Power-up info so you know how well you can compete, room stats including countdown to next round, Lucky number pre daubing options and High roller rooms for the last room in the continent.

But that is not all, oh no – that is not all. Players low on Power-ups can now purchase mid game, while first time purchasers get a special discount. We also added a “Like” us message so you can share your love as well as reopening the Wheel of Fortune minigame.

A major bug fix was done on the social aspect of the game, specifically the Buddy list. Street Prizes, Bingo Ranking and Power-ups related bugs have all been crushed. We are working around the clock to fix any loading and performance bugs that may interrupt you next Bingo Drive experience. Please bare with us and remember that this is a beta release. Note that the first 10,000 players are eligible for our Early Bird special (more on that to come..).

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  • Intermission – New Design
    • Power-up bar
    • Room Stats – How many Cards, Players, Time to next game
    • High Roller Room – The last room of every Continent
    • Lucky Numbers – Up to 5 Pre-Daubed numbers before start
  • Car Show for round winners
  • Wheel of Fortune – Reopened
  • First time offer – first time purchasers get special discount
  • New “Like” us message – show your Love for Bingo Drive
  • Power-up purchase – now during gameplay.


  • Buddy bugs – See all the buddies you accepted
  • Rank issues versus prizes – fixed – this issue never affected player winnings
  • Power-up bugs – fixed
  • Street prizes bug – fixed