Free Gifts – Coming Soon

By September 3, 2015Feature

Free Gifts – Coming Soon

Dear Daubers, the day is finally upon us (almost). Going forward you will begin to see posts on the official Facebook Page of Bingo Drive with links to claim Free Credits, Free Coins, Free Power Ups, Free Spins etc… Claiming your giveaway is only a like, share and click away, and you will be prompted with a message in-game to confirm that you have redeemed the giveaway successfully. All giveaways are limited by time and redemption counts, we advise to collect them quickly and share with friends.

Go ahead and ‘like’ our Facebook App Page to ensure you don’t miss out. From time to time we will be directing you to our other social profiles (Instagram, Twitter, etc..) and we advise to like/friend/follow Bingo Drive wherever you are digitally. For a complete list of Bingo Drive accounts please see the footer (bottom) of the website.

Free Credits are our most requested addition after reviewing both public and private communications of players both on the official facebook page, fan pages and even support tickets. We hear you all and want to reassure all players that more paths to credit richness are on the roadmap. If you have more ideas, requests, complaints, feedback, etc.. please publish them and/or shoot us a message directly and we will take note and we will take a serious review of whatever you said.

Daub on!