Reels of Fortune is a great new way to benefit from all those unused Car Parts laying around. According to your Car Parts’ rarity (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), you will earn different types of tickets and increase your chances of winning big!

Any Duplicate Car Parts you might obtain during the game will then be converted into Reels of Fortune Spin Tickets. This is where it gets exciting!

Please note that converting Car Parts is limited and the conversion machine needs time to cool down! The Bronze has 12 hours cooldown, the Silver 16 hours, and the Gold 24 hours.

It is only active during the weekends.

Spin the Reels of Fortune to win a variety of rewards. Enjoy your chances to win Bingo Credits, Power-ups, Coins, and Chests!

Check out the bar on the top! Fill up the Star Bar by winning Stars to collect the Jackpot!