Every Daub fills one segment towards loading a Power-Up. It requires 3 Daubs to load a Power-Up. Once the Power-Up is loaded, it will light-up.

Once it has lit up and starts glowing, you can then choose to click the Power-Up, and it will be applied to your Cards. Whichever Power-Ups is displayed, will then provide a unique benefit to your game.

Such as the Double Daub Power-Up, which will add 2 Daubs at random to your Cards. Then Power-Up will then go through a cool-down period, where Daubs are not counted towards loading the next Power-Up.

Please note the Power-Ups are distributed at random.



This Power-Up will Daub one Number on each Card


This Power-Up will place a Coin pack on each Card


This Power-Up will place a House on each Card

Bingo Credits

This Power-Up will place a Bingo Credit pack on each Card


Double Payout

This Power-Up will double your the amount of Coins and Bingo Credits won in the Round

Double Daub

This Power-Up will Daub 2 Numbers on each Card

Double XP

This Power-Up will double the amount of your XP gained in the Round 


This Power-Up will place 2 Daubs on the Card you apply it to, as well as shuffle the Daubed Numbers and daub called numbers that weren’t daubed.



You can place this Power-Up on ANY number you wish to Daub, including a Number with an Instant Bingo


This Power-Up will decrease the Cooldown time of the Power-Up meter, allowing for more Power-Ups to be used in the Round

Instant Bingo

This Power-Up will place an Instant Bingo (Daub it, and you win a Bingo) on each Card