Achievement – Coming Soon

By September 3, 2015Feature

Achievements – Coming Soon

It is no secret that Credits govern the frequency of game play in Bingo Drive. A vital addition that we are excited to publish will increase your chances to win in Bingo Drive. Achievements are another great way to earn free credits and even daily credits. You can view your Achievements in the player profile (AKA ‘passport’). Every Achievement will reward you with credits respective to the degree of difficulty of the Achievement.

It should be noted that all beta players have been collecting Achievements all along and have been rewarded accordingly. Soon all players will see their Achievements, understand how their credits are calculated and know where else to focus their efforts to unlock more Achievements and earn more Bingo Drive credits.

There are many Achievements to unlock. They range from acquiring enough collection items, car part upgrades, carpooling (another coming soon feature!), to gifting, befriending and buddying up with other players. Also, standard game play actions such as daubing squares and declaring certain Bingo combinations will reward you with more credits.

We are busy adding the final touches to the Achievement feature and it will be available upon release of version 0.83. The Achievement list (available in the support page) will be updated from time to time with more options to earn credits, make sure to check your passport once it is live. We look forward to seeing the Achievements gained, shared and enjoyed. Tell us what is your favourite Achievement in the comments (or drop us a direct message) and see you street side.